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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

AN - Filming Difficulties

Despite having a plan as seen in my previous blog post, we have encountered filming difficulties concerning the actors. We were suppose to be filming on Friday 23rd December, but due to the actors being busy doing Christmas related activities we couldn't film. However, if we manage to get some of the actors this week we might and try to film some footage before we go back. If this isn't the case, we'll just have to film during January despite exams.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

AN - Production Schedule

  During the Christmas holidays we will be doing some filming for our Media coursework so that we canbegin to edit and start working on our digipaks and magazine adverts in January. As well as dealing with exams of course!

Anyway, this Friday we'll be filming the boyfriend's aftermath of the breakup in Ilkley. We will only need James for this sequence, since Francesca (who plays the girlfriend) is away this week and Anna (the waitress) is busy on Friday we'll only be filming this part of the music video. We'll obtain the camera and tripod from Faye and Hattie (Haye Fattie) on the day, so that we have the equipment needed for filming and afterwards, we will pass the equipment onto George and Tom (2 Twigs) for them to use.

However, we will be doing some more filming next week in which hopefully all of our cast will return. With that said, we'll be filming most of the narrative sequence so that we don't have to do much filming during January because during that time we will primarily focus on filming the performance. 

That's our schedule for the next two weeks, stay tuned for more updates and informative posts. 

Merry Christmas!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Podcast 3

In today's podcast, me and Sophie (with the absence of Katie) talk about the second set of sample footage we filmed which involved the girlfriend's aftermath of the break up. As well as that, we also talk about how the sample footage will help us in the making with our final product, along with the symbolic meaning of some parts of the video.

Podcast 2

This podcast is about the sample footage that we shot on Monday after school, this footage has now been uploaded to this blog. We talk about our boyfriend character played by James Newton.

Podcast 1

This is a pilot podcast and only involves Asa and Katie as I was away for the lesson. The podcast involves discussions about the idea for our coursework.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

AN - Treatment

Here is the treatment for our coursework, which gives you a good idea of what our video is about and how we're going to make it. I apologize for any glitches with the product because it was fine in Microsoft Word.

Treatment A2

SD - Company ident

For our company ident for Blazing Grace productions we've come up with the final idea. We're going to have a 'bad ass' barbie doll as Barbies are often a connotation of purity and the ideal stereotype of beauty for young girls we have decided to create a counter type of this, our barbie will have ripped clothing with a short leather skirt (quite gothic clothing) with a nose ring and messed up hair and smoking a cigarette, example shown left. This is a countertype of the usual Barbie as normally she is the perfect pristine woman that always looks glamourous. The ident will go with the name Blazing Grace productions because Barbie is usually a graceful sucessful woman but in this case she has turned into the opposite, un-glamourous and a mess and a not longer suitable role model for young girls aged 4-10. 
        As you can see this is an old Barbie doll and the kind of image we hope to create although you cant actually see the clothing she's wearing in the image its just a sample of what we hope to achieve with are ident but better. The clothing we will dress her in will make her look essentially like a washed up stripper and just generally a mess, with all her clothing ripped up and maybe some pills lying around her when she's sat on the floor. This idea origionally came from the 'We Found Love' video by Rihanna a video about drug use and relationships failing because of it to signify bad connotations of drug use to our audience of teens for our Destiny's Child video - Emotion.